1. A. Vivaldi, Concerto ò sia il Corneto da Posta 2:31
2. F.M. Veracini, Giga Postiglione 2:57
3. J.S. Endler, Der Raritaeten Mann (Le Montreur de curiosités) 4:30
4. G.F. Haendel, Sinfonia Allegro Postillons   1:49

Sound, sound, post horn!
Es ruft das Posthorn!

Artifices Ensemble

Alice Julien-Laferrière, violin and artistic direction/ Romain Bockler, singing/ Jean-Francois Madeuf, postilion horn, trumpet and hunting horn.

Release : 18th March 2022 – CD box – reference SEA 04 – run time : 59’- Label : Seulétoile – Distributing company : Socadisc ISBN 37700200083075 – CD & book printed and made in France

Price : 18€

Alice Julien-Laferrière, baroque violinist and artistic director, has been working for ten years on the relation between music and French postal service during the 17th and 18th centuries. Supported by the Museum of La Poste, since 2013, for her creations linked to this subject; she has performed many concerts, shows and music conferences about the post horn. This instrument is the focus of this new bilingual French-German record and leads us along the roads of France and of the Holy Roman Empire.

The post horn was the symbol of the greatest moments of the postal service, in the time of letter-writing relationship and mail coach travels. It sounded on all the roads of Europe and inspired the greatest composers of the 18th century : Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Veracini, Endler. Nowadays, post horns are used as a symbol in many postal services.
Learn more about this instrument with 59 minutes of music, a booklet with 15 cards, 2 bookmarks and 1 poster.

This CD box includes several videos and a recording of the double concerto for hunting horn and post horn of J.Beer. We wanted to have it in pictures in order to enjoy the same musician who alternates his solo part with two different instruments. A miracle by Jean-François Madeuf!

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