1. Étude 37 en sol majeur 0:54
2. Étude 63 en sol mineur 2:44
3. Nocturne op.6 n.5, Se son lontano dal mio diletto 3:40

Hélène de Montgeroult

Portrait of a Visionary Composer

Marcia Hadjimarkos, piano-forte | Beth Taylor, mezzo-soprano | Nicolas Mazzoleni, violin

Release date : 20 octobre 2023 – simple CD – référence : SE 09 – total time : 61’51
Label : Seulétoile – Distribution : Socadisc (France), Klassik Center (Allemagne) & iMusician (digitale)

Price 15€


Press review

13 works by a remarkable female composer, including several that have been recorded for the first time, in particular the Nocturnes for voice and piano !

Rediscovered in the early 21st century, the music of Hélène de Montgeroult (1765-1836) is uncommonly inspired and forward-looking, and anticipates Romantic composers who were born many decades later. Although her compositions continue to impress musicians and music-lovers alike, they had never before been recorded on a French piano of her own time.

Marcia Hadjimarkos, a leading specialist of historic keyboard instruments, has filled this gap by making an album of Montgeroult’s music on a square piano built in Paris by Antoine Neuhaus in 1817 and restored by Matthieu Vion. This instrument gives a taste of the vast palette of sounds, colors, and textures the composer herself would have experienced.

The booklet includes the essay The Montgeroult Years by Marcia Hadjimarkos, a biographical sketch of the composer by Jérôme Dorival, our musicological consultant, and a presentation of the piano by Matthieu Vion.


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