cover Jean Le Flelle
1. François Dufaut, Courante 1:30
2. Ennemond Gautier, Le Tombeau de l’Enclos, Allemande 3:15
3. René Mésangeau, Sarabande 2:09

On the traces of Jean Le Flelle
Itinerary of a harpist between Paris and London

Angélique MAUILLON

Release 20th May 2022  – CD & booklet – reference SE04 – run time 64’20 – Label Seulétoile – Distributing Company : Socadisc , ISBN 3770020083082 – co-production : Les éditions des Abbesses. CD & booklet, printed and made in France

Price 15€

This disc is the story of an encounter between two harpists, one living in the 17th century, the other in the 21st.

Jean Le Flelle played the harp at the English court, to entertain Henriette-Marie, younger sister of Louis XIII and wife of Charles I. That is the only thing we know for sure about him: little has come down to us about his life and background.

For a few years now, the figure of harpist Jean Le Flelle has nourished the imagination of Angélique Mauillon and been an opportunity for her to explore in depth a solo repertoire suitable to the harp. Reconciling a musicological approach with a desire for more personal interpretation, her research into the 17th century musician’s life and work has enabled her to rediscover many beautiful pages.

In line with the other works published by Seulétoile, the booklet of the disc offers a fiction by Léonor de Recondo, which stages Jean Le Flelle, traveling between France and England.

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