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cover Jean Le Flelle
On the traces of Jean Le Flelle
Angélique Mauillon

This disc is the story of an encounter between two harpists, one living in the 17th century, the other in the 21st.

Jean Le Flelle played the harp at the English court, to entertain Henriette-Marie, younger sister of Louis XIII and wife of Charles I. That is the only thing we know for sure about him: little has come down to us about his life and background.

For a few years now, the figure of harpist Jean Le Flelle has nourished the imagination of Angélique Mauillon and been an opportunity for her to explore in depth a solo repertoire suitable to the harp. Reconciling a musicological approach with a desire for more personal interpretation, her research into the 17th century musician’s life and work has enabled her to rediscover many beautiful pages.

In line with the other works published by Seulétoile, the booklet of the disc offers a fiction by Léonor de Recondo, which stages Jean Le Flelle, traveling between France and England.

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J-30 avant la sortie de l’album “La Sorella mi fa fallare”. 🎶🇮🇹Tourné vers les étoiles, le XVIIe siècle nous entraîne dans un vertige d'émerveillements fondamentaux, de découvertes scientifiques et de folles inventions. La musique n'échappe pas à cette effervescence et Marco Uccellini, violoniste et compositeur de l’époque, produira des œuvres regroupant de nombreuses recherches compositionnelles. Avec ce premier disque, l’Ensemble Ozio Regio (Ozio Regio)revisite le siècle qui découvre que la Terre tourne autour d'une étoile, pour regoûter à l'émerveillement de la découverte.📅 Date de sortie : le 4 novembre. Ce disque sera disponible sur notre site internet, chez les disquaires, ainsi que sur toutes les plateformes de streaming musical. -D-30 before the release of the album "La Sorella mi fa fallare". 🎶🇮🇹Looking to the stars, the 17th century takes us on a journey of fundamental wonder, scientific discovery and wild inventions. Music did not escape this effervescence and Marco Uccellini, a violinist and composer of the time, produced pieces bringing together numerous compositional investigations. With this first disc, the Ensemble Ozio Regio (Ozio Regio) revisits the century that discovered that the Earth revolves around a star, to recapture the wonder of discovery.📅 Find this CD published by the label Seulétoile on November 4th on our website, through our distributors and on all music streaming platforms. #seuletoile #label #labelindependant #lasorellamifafallare #nouveau #CD #musique #italie #17e #uccellini ... See MoreSee Less
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