1. Camille Saint-Saëns, Poules et Coqs 0:35
2. "L'Oiseau regarde au dehors"/ Biber, Le Chat 0:33
3. "Un visage riant apparaît" / Couperin, Canaries 0:34

The violin and the Bird CD & book

Musical story for children

Artifices Ensemble

Release : 1st December 2019 – CD – reference SEA 02 – run time 36’ – Label : Seulétoile – Distributing Company : Amalia Diffusion and Rendez-vous avec la nature ISBN 9782956948001 – CD & book printed and made in France

Price 16€


Musical story by the Artifices Ensemble, put into words by Armelle Bossière, illustrated by Victoria Morel and told by Emeline Bayard.

Ode to the respect for Nature and its diversity : The violon and the bird story tells us the initiatory journey of a domestic bird, that knows only the scholarly language, learned with a music box.

The bird, a canary, virtuoso singer, can perfectly imitate the tunes a little girl teaches it with her music box. But during a stormy night, its cage, thrown out, lands up, smashed, in a tree. Confronted with the singing exercises and multiple chirps of its fellow birds, the bird begins an initiatory journey and discovers its own song and its freedom.

This story is inspired by the influence of birds in the daily-life in the 18th century. In the testimonial and writings of this time, birds are very present and linked to social life. Teaching fashionable songs to their birds was a very popular hobby for children, who used to do it with a music box called serinette, perroquette or merlinette. (These musical instruments are a small barrel organ)

This project is the result of a partnership between the Artifices Ensemble and the French Society for the protection of birds. (Ligue pour la protection des oiseaux). With this collaboration, music-ornithological walks, exhibitions during concerts and cross conferences have been organised for several years.

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