1. Suite en ré - Sarabande 0:37
2. Suite en la - La Piémontaise 0:39
3. Pièces en ré - La Pastourelle 0:30

Couperin, one to one

Coloquintes Duo

Alice Julien-Laferrière, violin/ Mathilde Vialle, bass viol

Release 20th March 2020 – CD – reference SEC 01 – run time 54’17 – Label : Seulétoile – Distributing Company : Socadisc ISBN 9782956948018 – CD & booklet, printed and made in France

Price 15€


With this record, the Coloquintes duo has imagined what the repertoire of Louis Couperin and those who surrounded him was like when he was not playing the harpsichord.

Press review

After a first record, dedicated to Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667), the Coloquintes duo took an interest in Louis Couperin (1626-1661) and recorded five suites from keyboard manuscripts, transcribed for bass viol. You’ll find dances, organ pieces or even La Piémontaise and some fantasias. The pieces of this programme are taken from the manuscript of Parville Bauyn and Guy Oldham. Some works for solo viol by Dubuisson, a fantasia by Nicolas Métru and a few pieces for solo violin complete this programme.

Special thanks to Loic Chahine for the booklet, to the label Son an ero, to Alban Moraud for the sound recording and to all the post-production, without whom this record could not have been released.