Rooted in the repertoires of the fabulous Seicento, the Ozio Regio ensemble takes its name from the seventh opus of Marco Uccellini, a composer and virtuoso violinist of the 17th century, much of whose work is still unknown. Building their human and artistic complicity on a common curiosity and high standards, the musicians of the ensemble strive to make each musical moment and each artistic object a means of encounter. Sometimes mixing texts and science with music, Ozio Regio revisits the century that discovered that the Earth revolves around a star, to relive the wonder of discovery.
The musicians: Anaëlle Blanc-Verdin, violin / Sarah Dubus, cornetto and recorders / Mathieu Valfré, organ and harpsichord / Jean-Baptiste Valfré, cello
Guest artists: Jérôme van Waerbeke, violin / Nicolas Vazquez, sackbut / Arnaud De Pasquale, organ and harpsichord