La vida es sueño-399×399
1. Noires filles du Styx 2:08
2. Ciel ! Ô Ciel, quel affreux orage 1:51
3. Symphonie 5:38

El Gran Teatro del Mundo

La vida es sueño

Coline Ormond & Yoko Kawakubo (violins) | Miriam Jorde Hompanera (oboe) | Michael Form (recorder) | Bruno Hurtado Gosalvez (bass violin) | Jonas Nordberg (theorbo) | Julio Caballero Pérez (harpsichord ans leading)

Release 26th May 2023 – CD – reference : SE 08 – run time : 72’08
Label : Seulétoile – Distributing company : Socadisc (France), Klassik Center (Germany) & iMusician (digital) – ISBN : 3770020083136 – CD & booklet printed and made in France

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Press review

La vida es sueño borrows the title of Calderón’s work for this musical and poetic journey through dreams, the night and the powerful symbolism that surrounds them, evoking a magical, mysterious, threatening and secret world.

El Gran Teatro del Mundo, specialising in French music from the time of Louis XIV, revisits the operas of the Grand Siècle in this disc, offering an exclusively instrumental interpretation of scenes in which night and sleep are the best allies of love and death.

The booklet includes a selection of Spanish baroque poems related to the music.