Couverture Bernardina
1. A. Vivaldi, A.Vivaldi, Sonate pour violon en ré mineur RV 12, Adagio 2:12
2. B. Galuppi, Sonate pour orgue en ré mineur, Allegro 2:16
3. B. Marcello, Sonate pour violoncelle en sol majeur Op.1 n°6, Allegro 1:30

Cordis & Organo - Arièle Butaux - Olivier Fourés

Bernardina, a secret life at La Pieta

Alice Julien-Laferrière, violin/ Pauline Buet, cello / JC Leclère, harpsichord & organ

Release : 4th June 2021 – book and CD – reference SE03 – run time 64’ – Label Seulétoile Distributing company : Socadisc ISBN 37700200083051
CD & book printed and made in France

Price : 18€


This musical programme about Antonio Vivaldi goes with the writing of a historical short story at Ospedale della Pieta of Venice in 1741…

This original short story by Arièle Butaux includes a historical afterword about music at Ospedale della Pieta, by Olivier Fourès.

Musical pieces for violin, organ, harpsichord and cello by A. Vivaldi, T. Albinoni, A. Caldara, B. Marcello, G.N. Laurenti, F. Gasparini, D.Scarlatti, B. Galuppi.

« They call me Bernardina. I have no family name. Just a P, branded with red-hot iron, at the top of my left arm. P as Pietà. P with no mercy for the baby abandoned in the scafetta of the poorhouse. Did I suffer when the surgeon tattooed me like a common sheep ? Who can tell ? Children with no family are children with no memory.

The P of Anna Maria is clearer than mine. All is clearer and more graceful in Anna Maria. Anna Maria’s grace : my joy and misfortune. »


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