Parla, canta, respira
1. Bella, Erri De Luca 0:20
2. Gl'occhi superbi, Barbara Strozzi 3:59
3. L'Amante modesto, Barbara Strozzi 4:48

Parla, canta, respira

Madrigals by Barbara Strozzi, poems by Erri de Luca

Lise Viricel, Soprano and artistic direction/ Peter de Laurentis, narrator/ Le Stelle Ensemble

Release : 19th March 2021 – CD – reference SE02 – run time 74’22 – Label : Seulétoile – Distributing company : Socadisc ISBN 37700200083044 – CD & booklet, printed and made in France

Price 15€


An exceptional woman, called up in a sensory way by two voices answering each other across the centuries. In reply to Barbara Strozzi’s madrigals, this record offers a dialogue between the music of the past and Erri de Luca’s contemporary poetry.

“We know that Barbara Strozzi was a singer, that her writing showed a contrapuntal audacity and a strong knowledge of the singing voice. Her work also shows a deep and touching sensitivity to poetry, shown by the care she took with prosody. I wanted to give her a voice by highlighting the soprano voice, in this record dedicated to her. ” Lise Viricel

French-Italian bilingual booklet

Press review

Genesis of the project and biographies on Lise Viricel’s website

The programme Parla, Canta, Respira was supported by Cité de la Voix (City of the voice)