1. Prélude - Sonate en Sol mineur 0:38
2. Sarabande - Sonate en Sol mineur 0:32
3. Presto - Sonate en Sol mineur 0:32

S.L. WEISS (1687-1750)

Lute pieces

Diego Salamanca, baroque lute

Release 23rd November 2020 – CD – reference SE01 – run time 77’24 – Label Seulétoile – Distributing Company : Socadisc ISBN 9782956948032 – CD & booklet, printed and made in France

Price 15€


Silvius Leopold Weiss. The name, alone, refers to the greatest lute works. He is an extraordinary composer, in the strict sense of the word, because, beyond the stylistic richness of the music of his time, he appears as a true genius in the world of the lute, far above many of his contemporaries.

« Weiss is at the very origin of my interest in the lute and more generally in baroque music. I trained as a guitarist and it was through transcriptions that I got to know this composer […] Weiss is an important part of my career as a musician and it is therefore quite natural that I wanted to dedicate my first solo recording to him. » Diego Salamanca

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