Couverture adaptation carrée 399x399px
1. Les Papillons, François Couperin 2:03
2. Chaconne de Phaeton, Jean-Henri D’Anglebert 4:08
3. J'avais cru en vous aymant, anonyme 2:56

The living room of the Hasard street

Miss Certain, harpsichordist of the Great Century

Mathilde Mugot, harpsichord

Release  May 3, 2024 – CD – reference : SE 10 – run time : 64’56
Label : Seulétoile – Distributing Compagny : Socadisc (France), Klassik Center (Allemagne) & iMusician (digitale) – ISBN : 3770020083150 – CD & booklet, printed and made in France

Price : 15€

For her first discographic release, Mathilde Mugot places this recording around a Parisian music fair in 17th century France.

On February 1, 1711, i, the Hasard street in Paris, dies Marie-Françoise Certain, one of the most important musical personalities of the seventeenth century to whom this CD pays tribute. Significant at the time, but now well forgotten except in the admiring verses of La Fontaine:

Some, in a thousand places equally charming,
And in a thousand fine arts also learned,
Whose rare genius and brilliant hands
Outnumber Chambonnières, Hardel, the Couperins.

The program of this disc invites you in the musical intimacy of an exceptional woman, who rubbed shoulders with La Fontaine and Lully and knew to remain free while living of her art. Mathilde Mugot plays the music that Marie-Françoise Certain and the greatest musicians of the time performed in her living room, in the Hasard street in Paris, improvising and playing the successful tunes of the last operas on the harpsichord.

Works and transcriptions for solo harpsichord by Jean-Henri d’Anglebert, Jacques Hardel, François Couperin, Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, Mlle de Ménetou, Jean-Baptiste Lully.