1. "Mais..."/Moussorgsky, Ballet des poussins dans leur coque 1:40
2. "Coucou ! Qui est-ce ?" / Giamberti, Le Coucou 1:22
3. Bonus 3 : Camille Saint-Saëns, Le Cygne 2:54

The violin and the Bird CD

Musical story for children

Artifices Ensemble

Release 15th May 2020 – CD with poster – reference SEA 03 – run time 65’22 – Label Seulétoile – Distributing company : Socadisc ISBN 9782956948025 – CD & poster printed and made in France

Price 12€


Ode to the respect for Nature and its diversity, the Violin and the Bird tells us the initiatory journey of a domestic bird that knows only the scholarly language, acquired with a music box.

This publication follows the CD & book, offers the whole story and the music without text, which is not on the record with the booklet.

A beautiful poster is in the bonus pages, introducing birds and music. How people taught birds to sing is explained and you discover several instruments played in the musical story.

Pedagogical file of the story