1. Abel, Adagio en ré mineur 3:25
2. Bach, Suite pour violoncelle n°6, Prélude 4:29
3. Bach, Suite pour violoncelle n°6, Allemande 6:48

Hager Hanana

Ballad for a piccolo cello

Hager Hanana, piccolo cello

Release March 3, 2023 – CD – reference : SE 06 – runi time : 53’07
Label : Seulétoile – Distributing Compagny : Socadisc (France), Klassik Center (Germany) & iMusician (digital) – ISBN : 3770020083112 – CD & booklet printed and made in France

Price : 15€

First discographic release, this solo record by Hager Hanana is the image of this cellist with multiple talents, both human and musical.

This programme was born out of a feeling of wonder.

A feeling of wonder for a small cello with a range enlarged by the fifth string in the upper register. With beautiful low notes and bright high notes, its expressive potential constantly amazes me. Whether it expresses itself in the most extravagant virtuosity or the purest poetry, this very special world of sounds rarely leaves anyone unconcerned

Working on the programme that I’m presenting to you today, was and still is a great joy. I truly hope that you will enjoy listening to it.

Hager Hanana

English translation of the CD booklet

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