1. Sonata overo Canzone 18 a quattro, op. 7 - Marco Uccellini 3:07
2. Sonata 16 a tre, La Vendramina, op. 3 - Marco Uccellini 4:18
3. Aria 15 sopra La Scatola da gli aghi, op. 4 - Marco Uccellini 2:53

La Sorella mi fa fallare

Ozio Regio ensemble

Anaëlle Blanc-Verdin & Jérôme van Waerbeke, violins | Sarah Dubus, cornetto and recorder | Mathieu Valfré & Arnaud De Pasquale, organ and harpsichord | Jean-Baptiste Valfré, cello | Nicolas Vazquez, sackbut

Release : 4th November 2022 – CD box – reference SE 05 – run time : 57’04 – Label : Seulétoile – Distributing company : Socadisc ISBN 3770020083099

Price : 15€

Looking to the stars, the 17th century takes us on a journey of fundamental wonder, scientific discovery and wild inventions. Music did not escape this effervescence and Marco Uccellini, a violinist and composer of the time, produced pieces bringing together numerous compositional investigations.
With this first disc, the Ozio Regio ensemble revisits the century that discovered that the Earth revolves around a star, to recapture the wonder of discovery.